Kirby is a flat file CMS that fits somewhere between feature-rich platforms such as Wordpress, and static site generators such as Jekyll.
Very easy to use yet very powerful it is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses.

  • High Performance

    Make your website fast on all devices. Because users hate waiting for web pages to load, speed is a competitive advantage and faster sites make more money.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to use and flexible as hell. Simple administration area which doesn't provide countless options to confuse you.

  • NoSQL? NoDB!

    Kirby is file-based – No database involved. This means first class performance, version controllable content, simple backups and many other awesome side effects.

  • Instant Installation

    Installing Kirby means uploading some files to your server and that's it. No fighting with your database setup, no 10-step setup wizard – it's a matter of seconds.

  • Markdown Syntax

    Use your favorite editor to write your content with plain Markdown or use Kirbytext, a powerful, extended version of the popular Markdown syntax.

  • The Kirby Panel

    Scared of the filesystem? Install the fast and powerful Kirby web interface to administrate your website right in your browser.